Monday, October 3, 2011


Here at the Stewyurt, we love our visitors.

It is a great opportunity to renew, stregthen, and make friendships.  And it is a wonderful opportunity to share our lives here (even better than the blog).  Most recently, I appreciated the opportunity to reflect and play with the Skieresz family this past weekend.

In addition to being fun (and an excuse to get all the Stewarts to help clean-up a bit in advance!), I'm struck with how much spending time with others gives us the chance to see the world from a new perspective.  Through natural conversation, I was challenged (in a good way) this weekend to stop, consider and describe what we are doing here.  And that has happened each time someone has made the effort to visit.  It is such a cool bonus!  Of course I expect to enjoy the company and activities, but it is really special to be sharing this bit of our lives.  I so appreciate the chance to discuss the importance of hobbies, the fine points of homeschooling philosophy, why goats are cool, the joy of family, the challenges of cohabitation.  Despite the drive and kid wrangling, it seems our visitors also have opportunity to pause and reflect.  I love to be around to experience some of that: to hear about your work and daily life, consider with you your futures and goals, and see you reconnect as you also disconnect for a bit.

So thanks for the visits.  Share some of your comments or experiences if you like.  The process is good for all of us! Send photos.  I'm posting some pics that have made it my way and I'd like to keep updating the site with "visitor shots".  And keep visiting and sharing!


Note on photos: We are often having so much fun with our visitors that we forget to take pictures, so I've included some older "visitor shots".  Please send your recent pictures if you have them!

 Keeping cool with Elena, Lily, and June.
 Rebecca and Dave enjoying the baby goats (you know you want one!).
 Larissa and Ellie ate all their food.
 Look how happy Mailisha is here.  Lucky lady!
Grace and Brett in their pool in the American River.


  1. Beautiful pictures! It has been so fun to read about all of your adventures. It looks like you are all having an amazing experience. We want to come visit too!