Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today I am moving slow and went back to bed after morning milking.
Steel cut oatmeal for breakfast. Pickles moved into the fridge and ready to eat, if one is brave.
Sophia is finishing up a knitting project-- following a pattern, a new skill.
Eli and Joey are digging fence holes to enlarge Rosie's enclosure.
Today I'll pack for Thailand, install my winter clothes, and dig some holes for Jerusalem artichoke and our new mandarin tree (Thanks Larissa and MaiMai, Ellie and Charley.)
I had a moment of sweetness, laughing about alpacas (Joey had an offer on one) with the family. I decided I never wanted to leave. Just to stay here with my people and our 10 goats and (hypothetical) alpaca, chickens and ducks, drinking milk, eating mini melons, hanging clothes on the line, growing food, and making things. Could we live on less? Could we work less? I think we could.

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