Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some things I'd like to do this year

Some of you may wonder what goals a man on leave might have.  What follows is some insight into the psyche of this particular beast.  Despite reduced workplace productivity, I still have some ambition:

Be with my family
Homeschool my kids and hug them often
Build and repair stuff in and around the yurt and land
Nourish old friendships
Make new friends
Make pumpkin bread with my kids
Enjoy sports with my kids
Enjoy more quality time with Juliana
Play guitar
Play piano
Learn some ukulele (maybe)
Play ultimate
Learn some karate
Ski a lot
Read more
Read a novel in Spanish (or at least part of one)
Write a blog
Write a poem
Write a song
Witness a goat birth
Make a bike trail with a bridge over our creek
Make a cobb oven (maybe)
Make a sweat lodge (maybe)
Make a swimming hole at the creek (a long-shot)
Visit another country or two
Take some trips around California and the West
Camp and backpack
Explore Auburn, Grass Valley and Sacramento
Remain financially solvent
Do nothing with some regularity

If you have further suggestions, I'm open to considering them.



  1. I think Mama would like you to put hang out with Juliana as #1 on the list. -Sophia