Monday, October 10, 2011

Creative Writing: Lilly (Chapter 1,2)

by Grace (with some typing help)

Chapter 1

     Caroline sighed as she threw down her homework. If were up to her, she would be watching her favorite show, "Sugar Daddy," but her mom had said ''no T.V for a week!''.  Two days ago she had not been listening when her teacher explained what factor and multiple were so she had failed her test and, naturally, she was punished.
     "Snap out of it," her mom yelled, breaking into her daydream.  Finally, Caroline focused.  Her homework was about American pioneers called The Donner Party.
     Caroline threw down her pencil, she could not do this.  She was leaving!  She snuck into the kitchen and made a couple sandwiches, packed a couple water bottles, thew a couple clothes into a bag and ran out the door.  Hours passed and Caroline finally passed a sign reading: Safeway (R).  That's when Caroline remembered she had forgot her wallet!  True, she did not have much money in general, but she still needed at least 5 dollars (the money she had gotten for pet sitting a horse for 10 days).  But, now, she was miles away from home walking down the quiet streets feeling lost and alone in the cool summer air.
     A pale ray of sunlight was peeking through the rees when Caroline woke up in the morning.  "Huh? Trees?", was the first thing Caroline thought when she opened her eyes.  As Caroline got up, she noticed a small brown animal laying beside her.  The animal appreared to be a small, sleeping goat.
   Caroline now took her mind off other "where am I?" question and turned her mind to the "did this goat bring me here?" question.

Chapter 2

     Caroline was rummaging through her backpack when Lilly woke up. Lilly was the name Caroline had decided to name the small brown goat.  Lilly must have sensed that when Caroline was looking for something she was not insouciant, because she trotted up to Caroline's bag, rustled through Caroline's things.  After a moment, Lilly held up a pink, cloth bandage looking down innocently at her injured leg.  Caroline gently took the bandage from Lilly's mouth with a smile on her face (finally) and softly wrapped it around the small animal's turgid leg.
     Seeing this, the little goat pranced and danced in delight as the sun shone brightly on her new friend's smiling face.  The hours passed and soon it was time to eat.  Caroline knew this because her belly had grumbled many times that day.

To be continued...

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  1. Grace, I like your descriptive details. They really add to the story. Also, will Caroline's question: "did the goat bring me here?" ever get answered?