Friday, October 28, 2011

ready to go

I spent my day in the garden. It was a beautiful day.

The Summer garden continues to produce, though I feel almost ready to be done eating cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes. The flowers keep going too.

I've said it before. Life is so sweet. I want each moment of it.

And I feel a heavy awareness this week that it doesn't always go on as long as one hopes or expects.

I can't imagine how one says goodbye, or goes on after the one loved has died.

Tomorrow we'll go home to San Rafael for a couple days of work, then Halloween and onto a plane for Phuket, Thailand via Hong Kong.

I feel ready to not work for a while. I haven't taken an away vacation since I broke my foot our first day at Hornby Island, B.C. I spent all my remaining time off having surgery, then recovering. I'll be more cautious this trip. No skim boards for me.

I'll see my parents, who I've missed.

We'll report back with photos and stories of our adventures.

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