Friday, October 28, 2011

Field Trip: Bishop's pumpkin farm

A few days ago, we took a trip to Bishop's pumpkin farm with the charter school and our neighbors Ruthie and Caleb

First on our schedule was a pig race/eating healthy thing. It wasn't really a pig race it was mainly a play of the three little pigs heathy style. Next on our list was a wagon ride that started in about 20 minutes. We all had our eye on a carmel apple so Papa let us get some to share (one every two people). As soon as carmel apples were wedged into every hand(well almost every hand, we were sharing), we loaded the Hay Wagon

Once the Hay Wagon had reached it's destination ( the pumpkin picking place ) and stopped moving, I jumped out of the wagon and ran around determined to find a good pumpkin. Finally, my eyes rested on the one and only warty pumpkin! 

Then when everyone was satisfied with their pumpkin we were again loaded onto a vehicle. But this time not a Hay Wagon, a train! The train showed us old - fashion stuff. When the train finally screeched to a stop Mama went over to the giant pumpkins (that were rotting) and took some seeds to plant next Spring. 

Now that the Charter school had left we entered the famous corn maze for some fun. 

Now you know why only a few of us wrote...


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