Monday, October 10, 2011

Creative Writing: The Talking Power (Chapter 1,2)

by Sophia (with some typing help)


It was a snowy Christmas eve night. As Magic was born a lightning bolt hit her directly on the neck. Her mother was very, very worried that she would not survive the deadly blow, and gave her a goat med called Zap. Magic was cured, but left with a permanent blue T-shaped scar on the neck... and some supernatural powers.
This is a story about her life.

Chapter 1
When my papa let me a 3 month old goat with all my pocket money (and a little of his), I knew exactly which one I wanted: the little goat with the blue T scar on her neck. As soon as I got her in the car, I asked Papa why she had a blue T scar on her neck. He didn't know. Then, hoping she would talk, I asked her. At that, she surprised me by telling me her whole life story, how she missed her mom, how she got the scar, and all that.
This seemed magic and that is how she got her name: Magic.

Chapter 2
Magic took this power as an opportunity. I did too. I always wanted a dog to be my companion, but that wasn't a choice. Papa is allergic. "Mag" was just like a dog, she was allowed to sleep in the mud room and, because she could talk, she could tell us to let her out if she needed to go to the bathroom.
One day though, Magic was very, very quiet. I ran to the mud room. Where was Magic?
Mama was a big fan of Magic too and I think she called the police to send out a search party to look for her. Some hours later the sheriff showed up with Magic! Magic said some guy showed up at night, stole her, and took her to the circus.

To be continued...


  1. Sophia, I'm excited to hear why Magic was stolen for the circus and what happened while she was away there!

  2. I like this. I can't wait to hear what happens next.
    Keep going!