Friday, October 21, 2011

Creative Writing: Lilly (Chapter 2 continued, Chapter 3)

by Grace

See previous posts for earlier chapters.

Chapter 2 (continued)

Caroline took a cheese and celery sandwich from her bag. Seeing this, Lilly trotted over, hoping to entice Caroline to give her a piece or two too. Looking into Lilly's eyes so vast and brown, Caroline reluctantly ripped a piece off and gave it to the little animal in front of her. The rest, she ate herself.

As the day passed, Caroline's love for Lilly grew and grew to the point where Caroline would tell her elaborate long stories every night. Also, Caroline started to slowly become lithe. That combination was a good one, because she now started building a shelter.

Chapter 3

Food was becoming a big problem for Lilly and Caroline. Caroline started to dwindle down in size and have intense stomach aches. Finally, Caroline decided she had to do something. So the next day she and Lilly set out to find some chestnuts. She picked and gathered all day so by the end of the day she had about 20 pounds worth (at least she thought).

She had barely closed her eyes that night when the loud sound of a rooster awakened her. "What, but I thought no one else was living here," she said to herself. Caroline was astonished when she opened her eyes. Around her was the red and white inside of a barn. Caroline's heart started beating when she realized that Lilly was not beside her. For a minute there was silence. Then suddenly, from the depths of a pile of clean hay, a small head popped up.

Caroline recognized the small face at was Lilly! So Caroline started to entice Lilly to get off the pile. "Yes!", Caroline thought as Lilly started sneaking slowly towards the sandwich she was holding. But Caroline was once again disappointed. As soon as Lilly got close to the sandwich, she stole it and was back in her hay pile.

To be continued...

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