Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Saturday Moment

Today was a typical Saturday in a lot of ways: soccer games, work around the house and land, a friend of the kids' over.  The games were fun to watch, it was nice to get some stuff done, the friend was well-behaved.  It was good, just what one hopes for from a Saturday.  Saturday is the middle of the weekend, after all: arguably the best day of the week.  But for a forty-something with family, home, work, and social life, it seldom affords much peace.  Something a little special happened today. 

After finishing a couple of projects, I grabbed a book and strung up a hammock under the deck.  It was late afternoon and the sun was well below its high point for the day.  The land is transformed around here since rain came a couple of weeks ago; everything has a glisten.  Tree leaves passed speckled light in different shades of green, vibrant and rich.  Bright mossy edges bordered the oak branches growing dense with their unpredictable directionality. 

I settled into my hammock and it was easy to let go.  I swung gently from a warm ray of the sun into the cool shadow of tree branches, then back again to the sun.  The temperature was perfect.  The kids were crafting inside together (cooperatively!).  I wasn't worried about something else I should get done.  I drifted and dozed a bit, didn't bother to crack the book.  I was just there. 


  1. Joey- If I EVER hear of you taking a nap in a hammock, I'll be breaking out a can of whupass !
    It's fine that you didn't read a book during daylight hours, but no naps !!! Get back to work now. - Lou

  2. Oh, sooooo nice! I love this image of you, enjoying your life, being in the moment. (Ignore Lou. He's just a jealous, bitter old man.) LOL


  3. I'm glad you were able to make the comments work (what did you do?) and thank you for relieving me of some of that guilt from Lou!