Friday, October 21, 2011

The Stewyurt Nature Guide

We've been working on a "Nature Guide" that presents the natural history of our land.  Though it continues to be a work in progress, below are samples of our entries--one from each of the contributors.  We hope to eventually catalog most of the larger species found here (in other words, things bigger than bugs), some of the smaller ones, and perhaps even some of the important non-living components of our ecosystem.


  1. Hey Guys,

    Excellent job on your drawings of the different species found around your home. It looks like you worked hard to include details and I like how you included the scientific name of each of your species. Have you seen any deer around your home? They are always around ours. I look forward to seeing what else you add to this. Jennifer

  2. Yes lots of deer! Other "wild" critters of note include turkeys, mice, crayfish, frogs, preying manitises, rattlesnake (just 1, fortunately), red tailed hawks, vultures, northern flickers, and lizards.