Friday, October 14, 2011

Free style sewing

I made a couple new things!

When it got cold last week, I rejoiced at the break from 100 degrees. And then I got really chilly and started looking for the sweaters I'd boxed up in June. And my slippers. And a hat.

I decided to try my hand at pattern making. I have a pair of Old Navy yoga pants I like. They are thick and stretchy and warm. And the broad waist band keeps my belly toasty. I wear them under skirts or dresses if I can get away with it. And they are worn out.

I laid them out on wrapping paper and traced both sides. It was a little tricky. But the result was... pretty close. I'll wear them.


The second project is a skirt from a knitting book I like. I'm too lazy to knit all six panels, but I was able to sketch one out and cut out the pieces in thick fleece (again, super cozy.) Because I so love the warm belly phenomenon in winter, I decided to make a wide waist band for this too, which gave it some versatility as a dress. I like the external seams. It makes it a little architectural, I think. I guess I could wear it with seams hidden as well. I think I'll do a little applique on this at some point. (Joey was trying to coach me in proper posing techniques.. How to look thin in photos etc... Neither of us seem to know.)

Finally, my 5 year knit project: the hippie capelet. It still needs some refinement, but it is also warm. And finished.

Thanks for listening.

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  1. Nice job Ju. How do you find time to do all that sewing? And your cape is lovely. Hope you all enjoying this special time together. ooooxm