Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Day of Homeschooling

A lot of people wonder what a "typical day" homeschooling is like.  I find myself being somewhat evasive in answering because the days are often very different.  Sometimes we'll take a "field trip" somewhere or we are away on a trip.  Some days we take classes through the Grass Valley Charter School.  But when we are at home most of the day (like today), our days take a form fairly similar to what follows.

Some of us got up at about 7am today to milk Frida and Opal.  Today was our first offical day of milking as it is a good idea to wait about 3 weeks before taking milk from the babies.  We got about 1 quart from Frida and Opal and still left plenty for the kids.

Breakfast was duck eggs and leftover oatmeal.  It was pretty good, if I do say so myself.

About 8:15am we roused Eli from his lair.

Sophia took advantage of some down time to work on her miniature project.  She and Grace have become really excited about making small things for their dolls and dollhouse.  They did a lot of miniatures work all day today.  They are promising to put a fashion show up on this blog sometime soon.

We try to get started with "schoolwork" at 9am on days we are at home.  Today everyone did a math lesson.  We also had a pre-test on spelling words gathered from journal entries and other writing.  We reviewed vocabulary from reading and subject studies as well.

By about 10:45am we were done with "schoolwork" and it was "project time".  Grace played piano and researched miniature craft ideas.

Sophia and Juliana made spaghetti sauce for lunch and canning. Yum now and later!

Juliana made bread (note: it was awesome).  

Eli read a lot today and played some Minecraft on the computer.

Joey worked on recording a song and the awning over the deck. Don't get the wrong idea--I'm usually solo on the construction projects.

We had lunch together in the afternoon.

In the evening, we drove to town for Eli's soccer practice and Joey's karate (I'm doing karate to join Eli's practice, but he has a conflict with soccer on Wednesdays). 

While in town, we picked up some items we need for tomorrow.

After dinner, we were hoping for some family reading and a viewing of "Eyes on the Prize".  But we were too tired.  It was a good day.  I hope you got a better sense of what some of our days are like.




  1. Great song Joey.
    Kohi Joey if you ever need someone to spar with you and get that gi a bit dirty let me know


  2. cool lair eli, and you get t o sleep till 8:15. lucky. luke