Thursday, October 6, 2011

A poem

One of the things I wanted to do this year was write a poem.  It suddenly became Fall this week here and I was inspired to do so.  I wrote it at the Grass Valley library on a piece of scrap paper.  I feel a bit shy to share, but what the heck!  Below is what may be the first poem I have written since  elementary school (not counting a limmerick or two I may have helped write as part of an ultimate cheer).

Auburn Fall

Morning.  Cool.
Once-dry grass lays on its side.
The smell of damp whispers past the window curtain.
It tells of prickly that has turned soft.

The dog's bark strains with her morning revelry.
Too hot to touch just days ago,
I reach for my winter coat.
Wool will be close to skin all day today.

The oppressive summer heat has vanished.
Dry and dusty are now slick and wet.
The ground has drunk from the sky,
Remembering how
So readily.

A season is melted away
Like cotton candy on the tongue.
But isn't that a taste of summer?
It was just yesterday
We hid from the heat!

Suddenly there is water.
Cover the hay with a tarp,
Turn over the buckets,
Bring in the furniture,
Today we seek shelter from rain.

It is warm.
Snuggle in with a good book
And someone I love.
I suppose this isn't so different.

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