Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Horse Ranch

Today we went to a horse ranch. All the work they do there is old fashioned. They plow their fields with the horses and recycle the horse poo to fertilize the grass. We got a tour with four stations. In the first station we got to drive a mini horse cart and a draft horse ( not on it, just controlling it ) we learned the commands and how to drive them. We then went to the second station where we got to ride in a horse-drawn cart. It was very bumpy. The next station was about the composting process described earlier. In the final station, we learned about the different saddles: the Western, the European, and the Australian. The Western saddle was made for harnessing cattle.  It had a horn to winch the lasoo around and wide leather flaps on each side to protect against charging steers. The European saddle was made for fox hunting so it was light and simple. The Australian was kind of a mix of both.



  1. This post is by Eli (while unknowingly signed in as Juliana).

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