Thursday, March 1, 2012


This week winter finally arrived.  Eli and I skied three days this week (and were joined by intrepid skier, Mamo, for two of them).  It has snowed over 4 feet and we have been almost the only people on the hill.  There is nothing like skiing a fresh powder run, having so much fun you go right back, and when you get there for the second go around, the only tracks there are yours.  Or even better, it has been snowing so hard, your first ones aren't even there anymore.

Rain and hail has been falling in Auburn (not that I have been here much to enjoy it with all the skiing).  Finally it is muddy and I feel like there was a reason I put up an awning in front of the yurt and a new gutter on the garage. 

How beautiful and fresh everything is with its sheen after a good rain. 

All hail the hail!


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