Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ride of Passage--Day 0

After celebrating Sophia and Grace's birthday this weekend and despite predictions of less-than-ideal weather for the week, Eli and I have made most of our preparations and are ready for "Eli's Bar Mitzvah Bike Ride for the Milo Foundation".

Physical preparations: cross training on the ski slopes last week with Mamo and Baba.

Gear preparations: bikes packed and loaded.

Mental preparations: we saw Hunger Games on Sunday night.  Hopefully our rite of passage won't be quite so intense!

We are planning to get on the road at noon on Monday and hope to make the 40 miles to Sacramento by evening. Perhaps we will meet up with some of you when we arrive in San Rafael later in the week. 

Our goal is to show up at Milo in San Rafael around 2pm on Friday.  We will have donation funds to turn over and hope to give hugs all around.  You can also expect to see a guest appearance from one of Milo's most recent adoptees, 10-week old Harlie the puppy, and his proud new parents, Bill and Susy Stewart. 

Send us safe thoughts and keep an eye on this blog for updates. 


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