Friday, March 16, 2012

What Dad Has Been Doing

Rigged up my telemark skis with walking skins, hiked to the top of Sugar Bowl last Wednesday night, and skied down under the full moon.

Sent out a press release to the Auburn Journal and Marin IJ about Eli's Bar Mitzvah Bike Ride for the Milo Foundation.  He has raised well over $1000 so far.

Found the leak in our yurt skylight today.  I was hoping to diagnose the problem (found last year) during this winter.  There hasn't been enough rain until this week to get it figured out!  I originally thought it might be condensation, but it is indeed a leak in the actual skylight itself (not my construction).  I was able to create a temporary outlet for the small amount of water that was leaking in by drilling some holes in the skylight frame's gutter.  But I should probably replace the skylight when things dry out in the spring.

Dug out some emerging poison oak growth the other day with only minor personal consequences (so far).

Wrote a couple songs yesterday.  Maybe I'll post one.

Signed Eli up for his first-ever ultimate tournament (in April).  Took him out today and bought some gear for our ride and his Bar Mitzvah suit.  He looks like a mench!

Appreciating the rain.  Two feet of snow expected in Tahoe tonight.  Guess where I will be this weekend :)


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