Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Eli's Bike Ride for the Milo Foundation

We've been receiving a lot of questions about Eli's upcoming Bar Mitzvah bike ride, so I thought I'd share some logistic details.  He will follow with a more personal post in the next couple of days.  In addition, we hope to give some updates about preparations and from the road.

Where: From the Stewyurt in Auburn to the Milo Foundation office in San Rafael.  Approximately 170 miles, depending on the final route we take.  This is our approximate planned route (the two maps have different scales):

Part 1:

Part 2:

We have not been on many of these roads outside of Placer, Sonoma, and Marin counties, so if you know undesirable roads along this route in Sutter, Yolo, Solano, or Napa counties, let us know! UPDATE, 3/9: Thanks to some good feedback, we are now thinking of riding bike paths through Sacramento instead of the northern Placer/Sutter counties country road route.  UPDATE 3/15: New route pictured above in two parts.

When: Goal is to leave on Monday March 26 or Tuesday the 27, weather permitting, and arrive in San Rafael at the Milo Foundation office by Friday March 30th.  (But Saturday would be ok).

Who: Eli and Joey

How: We are cross-training for this trip by skiing, playing ultimate, running, and doing some bike riding.  Hopefully it will be enough!  We will carry our clothes, water, and some food, but stay at motels and eat out some as well.

Why: Physical challenge, father/son bonding, and community support.  Eli is raising money for the Milo Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue, shelter, and adoption center.  So far he has raised about $1500 (and is working on this thank you letters!).  If you would like to give (either a lump sum or on a per-mile basis), let us know or you can donate directly at: http://www.milofoundation.org (to do this, click "DONATE" and complete required information.  In the Additional Notes box, please type "Eli's Bar Mitzvah").  Eli will also do some volunteering at Milo in April.


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