Wednesday, March 21, 2012


When I imagined homeschooling, I had visions of idyllic quietude, or chillin' at home around a table doing work, or taking a nice walk, or going on vacation.  As it turns out, that stuff happens.  But it can also get really busy.  The busy-ness differs in some ways from the busy-ness I have grown accustomed to with "regular" school and the accompanying after school activities.  Here is a mostly pictorial review of some of what we've fit in while schooling in the last day or so:

Morning, 3/20: Juliana is getting a greenhouse for her birthday.  Eli, our neighbor Caleb, and I collected some large rocks to hold in the gravel base and did some soil critter identification.  I started building, too.  While I did that, the kids did math, music, and reading inside.  Probably not a bad idea to leave me alone while I build.

The kids practice their music pretty much every day.  Take note Mariko!

Afternoon, 3/20: Sophia and Grace are creating earrings, beads and miniatures out of polymer clay.

Evening, 3/20: Rosie ran off to get chewed up by the neighbor's dogs again.  Despite being bitten and caught on barbed wire, it took me, Eli, and 2 neighbor boys to get her to stop.  This time she only lost a claw/nail. 

Morning and afternoon, 3/21: We went skiing with Mamo today.  After an amazing winter weekend, today it was spring skiing.  Pictured is our lunch break.  I've softened my hardcore skier ways some and I let the kids take a break on ski days (sometimes).  They read science magazines, wrote in their journals, and listened to NPR during the drive to and from Sugar Bowl.

Evening, 3/21: We went to Eli's ultimate team practice in Grass Valley.

Evening, 3/21: The girls participated in a reading of a play at the local youth theater.  They are planning to be in a play this spring.


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