Thursday, March 29, 2012

From Foothills to Frothing Ocean--Day 4

We headed out from Petaluma late this morning planning to arrive one day early in San Rafael.  The ride was gorgeous: stunning solo oaks against beautiful green rolling hills studded with giant boulders.  We stopped at the Cheese Factory and again at Nicasio Reservoir. There, we decided we couldn't arrive today; we needed to make the most of the full 5 days!  Plus, we had received that truck ride for some miles yesterday and needed to make up for it (good choice due to safety concerns, but non-bicycle transportation, nevertheless!).  And the ocean beckoned!  Furthermore, it would feel more climactic to actually ride into San Rafael on the final day, instead of already being there. 

So we rode ourselves out to Route 1, through Pt. Reyes, by Bolinas Lagoon and Stinson, along the Pacific, and into Muir Beach.  Though it was not our longest day of riding by miles, it was certainly the largest elevation gain/loss of the trip--a real bike rider's ride.  I am very impressed with Eli's fortitude.  Though it was a challenge, I think we both enjoyed it. 

Total miles for the Day 4: 41.51.  That brings our total for the trip to 178.86 with Day 5 from Muir Beach to San Rafael remaining.  Come meet us at the Milo office tomorrow at 2pm!  For Eli's extra efforts, I have pledged $5 per mile to Milo beyond the 170 miles of our original plan.

We have good computer access tonight, so I can share some more pics:
 From Placer to Sacramento to Yolo (and Sutter?) to Solano to Sonoma and now Marin County.

 Route 1.

 At the edge of a big rock.

Muir Beach with Harlie and Mamo.


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