Friday, March 30, 2012

The Talking Power, continued, Chapter 6

I woke up thirsty for excitement. Show and tell was today at school, maybe that would end up exciting.
Magic would be coming and I wanted to get there as early as possible to set her up. Seeing that I was already behind schedule, if I wanted to get there early, I must take the forest short cut. I merrily skipped through the forest being careful not to leave the trail.

When I stopped for a swig of water, I noticed something shiny. At once I recognized it as a golden pendent of my grandmother's.
Then, I felt something jump onto my back. Letting out a shrill scream, I dropped Magic's leash and bolted. When at last I noticed the thing was not following me, I stopped to look around. I was way off the trail and were was Magic? I was lost.

I felt two hands on my shoulders and out of the noise I was making, I heard my grandmother say, ''it is OK I've got the goat and I'll drive you to school."

By, Sophia

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