Friday, March 9, 2012

The Talking Power, continued

Chapter 5: A Call From the Mayor (3/9/12)

Since the “Magic at School” event, Magic was famous to the whole city. Whenever the family took her to the park with them they would hear mothers of young children exclaim: “Look, it’s Magic the talking goat!”

It was a rainy day at the house. The family felt tired as most people do on rainy days. I felt there should be some excitement on this dreary day. I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself when the phone rang. I raced to it hoping that excitement would be on the line. 

“Hello,” I said, “ C.D. here.”
On the other side of the line a man’s voice said, “Hello C.D., this is the Mayor here.”
“Wow, what’s the topic?”, I said.
“I hear you have a talking goat. Look, my son has a birthday coming up. Could you possibly take her to the party? He would absolutely love that.”
“Depends on the date,” I answered.
“The third of May, two weeks from now.”
“Yes,” I said.

Two weeks later, Magic rocked the party.

To be continued...

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