Monday, April 30, 2012


A couple of days ago, we saw Titanic.  This movie was really realistic.

First, Titanic was realistic because everyone thought it couldn't be sunk.  In the movie it showed how the captain was over-confident.  He sped the Titanic to 22 knots in dangerous waters.

Next, Titanic was realistic because the boat and clothes looked like the real things.  The boat had a spiral staircase and crystal chandeliers.  The people had corsets and top hats.

Lastly, Titanic was realistic because it was terrible.  I think everyone would agree that this story was really sad.  In the movie it showed dead women holding dead newborns.

As you can see, Titanic was a realistic movie.  I thought that this was a great movie, but in the end it was awful.


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