Thursday, April 5, 2012


I will tell you how to use a compass.

First, to get a general idea, you find the first letter to the direction you want (N, E, S, W). Then, look for the arrow that is on the part you can't turn. Next, turn the dial to the degree (direction) you want so it's directly in line with the arrow.

Then, balance the red arrow into the red outline and the white arrow into the black outline. Keep both the arrows in their outline (keep "the horse in the stable") and go in the direction of the arrow that can't move.

We used this to do a treasure hunt. First Papa went out and wrote clues for where he wanted us to go. Then, we would take the clues and do what it said. Finally we got to the treasure. The treasure was Mentos and Coke. We are going to do an experiment using these.


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