Monday, April 9, 2012

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Spring is a time of transformation and rebirth.  In the midst of Easter, Passover, a Bar Mitzvah, budding flowers, and warmer days, our thoughts begin to shift in the direction of our other home.  We are finding new homes for the goats, planning summer activities, pondering Fall work schedules.  It will be an interesting transition.  I hope the reentry will be smooth and that the connection here will remain strong.

We had fun, busy last week.  Some of what we did that has not already been mentioned by the kids:

 We got "Dr. Edge" (Baba) back for another round of skiing.  Looking good Doc!

Did a moonlight hike to the top of Sugar Bowl.  On the left, that's Patrick, who brought me along, just after sunset.  On the right is a poor iPhone shot of the moonrise. 

 Patrick took these photos with a better camera.  It was good backcountry and resort skiing.  Quiet and beautiful on the climb up, freshly groomed snow (under moonlight sky) on the way down.  Rosie came along and had a blast running up and down the snowpacked hills. 

Juliana and the girls recovered the seats on grandmas' old chairs.

Juliana's greenhouse continues to take shape.

No pictures were ever posted of the girls' 10th birthday party from a couple of weeks ago.  They really enjoyed bringing together friends from both of their homes and sharing the Stewyurt and surrounds.

This week the kids will take their spring break (and Eli's Bar Mitzvah is coming up!), so you will not likely hear from them until next week.  Enjoy your week!


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