Monday, April 16, 2012

Goat Pair for Sale

As some of you know, about 7 months ago, 8 baby goats were born. We are selling them and have 2 left. They are $100 for the pair. They have both had their vaccinations, have been part of our 4H goat project, and are tame. Comment if you are interested.

One of these babies is Bolt. He is a fixed (castrated) male. He is very sweet and loves people. Since he is a boy, he can not eat alfalfa hay. If he does eat alfalfa, he will get kidney stones. Bolt is half Nigerian dwarf, half pygmy. Bolt and Jubilee (brother and sister) will be sold together.  Pictures below.
Description by Grace

Jubilee is the youngest of her brothers and sisters: Bolt, Bambi, Naomi, and herself. We are looking for a home for her and her brother, Bolt (together) with familiar goat keepers. We also would like to visit them sometimes. Juju (Jubilee) is a cuddly, shy, pretty goat. She loves to munch on pine needles, Cheerios, and fruit. One thing about her is that her elders are a little naughty. Hopefully she won't be. She was born September, 16, 2011. She is half Nigerian/Pygmy. Opal, her mother, is a good milker. Pictures below.
Description by Sophia

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