Monday, April 30, 2012

'Nuff Said

A picture says a thousand words.  I'll write some anyway though.

I took this on Friday while skiing my last day of the season (ski areas closed April 29).  It was a gorgeous day and the snow was surprisingly good for very late April.  I left the yurt in the mid morning to run an errand in town.  Just in case I ended up being so moved, I threw my skis, boots, poles, and helmet in the car.  No one else really felt like coming along except Rosie, so off she and I went.  The errand went quickly and brought me 15 minutes closer to Sugar Bowl.  Despite rocking jean shorts for my errand, I decided to drive the remaining 45 minutes in the fuel-sipping Prius to get some runs in.

As the picture depicts, I was happy about my choice.  I plugged into the music on my hand-me-down iPhone (which I really appreciate--thanks, Ben!  How cool to have phone, camera, email, music, research device, maps, note pad, calculator all in my pocket!  I know I am supposed to be a mountain man living off the land, but I can't deny what a cool piece of technology it is.  Gladly, I am not addicted to it.  I just like it.  I could stop any time.)  And then I just made a bunch of laps down great runs.  I smiled and went fast on the way down.  On the way up, when not joined by another single, I contemplated:
Brilliant sun and perfect temperature,
Soft snow, but not too slushy,
Burn in the thighs and working lungs from a good run down,
Skiing makes me happy.
How amazing to run a quick errand, make this an add-on, and still hardly be missed at home.
I could live here permanently.
These are the moments.
Thank you for this time.


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