Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More signs of Spring-- bee swarms

Eli and I installed some San Rafael caught honeybee swarms last Spring that did not stay.
Yesterday we got lucky-- 3 swarm calls!

It WAS a beautiful day, and I'd called local pest control companies in the last week to get on their beekeepers to call list.

We collected a HUGE swarm in Marysville. 

The 2 boxes I scraped them into were heavy with bees.
The family's sons watched the whole thing. They were pretty excited. They had been worried the bees might be "killer" Africanized bees, which so far, have not migrated this far north.
These seemed like moderately docile European honeybees to me.
I'm so grateful to have them.
And no stings. Yet.
Though we did lose a few bees in the transfer.

One got out of the box in our car and made the hour drive home exciting.
Joey kindly accompanied me, and his presence is calming when bees are all around, sounding angry.  This morning, with the bees installed in the new (old) wooden boxes, I feel rich.

I hope they will choose to stay.


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