Wednesday, April 18, 2012

At work

Today was a work day around the Stewyurt.  I attempted some poison oak eradication.  I covered all my skin with clothing while at it, then washed clothes and body immediately after completion.  But I'm still worried about how swollen and itchy I'll be tomorrow and for the next two weeks.  I got in a bunch of weed wacking too; chased some cool looking snakes and a mouse in the process.  Fortunately for the mouse, they went in different directions.

Here is what some of the other workers were doing today:

The bees were busy.  The swarm Juliana picked up a couple of weeks ago is becoming a hive and appears to be happy.  Every flower in the garden seems to have one of the new bees on it.

 Juliana was working out in her new greenhouse.

The goats were working on chewing up the lower pasture (AKA ultimate field).  I like seeing that.  Saves on weed wacking and goat feed costs.

Eli working on...hey!...that isn't work! He's actually playing his favorite game, Minecraft, after (mostly) finishing his work.  For those of you unfamiliar with Minecraft, think virtual Legos.

And then they rested.


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