Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why Eli should not get a BB gun

This entry is dedicated to why Eli should return his BB gun. I have a few reasons, I will share 3 of them.

#1, he may regret ordering this foul object because it could cause hurt to our animals. We let the goats out regularly and the gun can cause wounds to small animals such as kids (baby goats). Also, sometimes he goes into the animal pastures and what if he was shooting a tree trunk and a chicken ran over to the tree and got shot?

Second, Eli might regret not sending this gun back this second because it is hazardous to him. If he was shooting a hard, close, flat, surface, the BB might bounce back into his eye and hurt him or his friends. And, sometimes he shoots straight up. The BB might fall on him and harm him.

Lastly, it will cause conflict. When Grace contributed $20, she made a rule that she can confiscate the gun at any given moment. That definitely will cause conflict. End this discussion.

This gun will cause hurt animals, conflict, and hurting to you, Eli. So turn around and return that gun this second... now.


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