Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dead Poet's Society

Last night we watched Dead Poet's Society. It is about a group of boys at an all boys school who all have problems, some of these problems worse than others. They all deal with them in a different way. One boy loves acting but his father wouldn't allow him to do any plays and is forcing him into medical school. Because he was so sad and angry, he ended up committing suicide. His father was trying to find someone to blame. The father wanted to blame the boy's English teacher. One of the boys stood up to the dad and headmaster and was expelled.

The boy who committed suicide helped no one with this act even if he did end his own pain. He hurt himself, his dad, his mom, his friends, and he got one of his friends and his English teacher expelled.

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  1. Eli--

    Thanks for sharing this. Just yesterday I "blogged" about my challenges in regard to supporting your growing up, making choices, being responsible. Though we will always face challenges, I hope we will maintain communication, remember what is most important (love), and certainly avoid the sort of tragedy experienced by the characters in Dead Poet's Society.