Monday, February 13, 2012

Creative Writing Updates and More

To make reading easier, we have put our creative writing projects into single documents.  We will provide a link here in the blog when there are updates (like now).

Grace's creative writing project, "Lilly", has been updated:

As has Sophia's, "The Talking Power":

In other news updates, we have decided not to print "Stewyurt Ski Team" shirts as we could not agree on a design that we all considered shirt-worthy.  If there are readers out there who would like a shirt, let us know and perhaps we can get enough to make an order.  We will be skiing tomorrow in some new snow; looks like less than we hoped for though.   It has been the driest year at Donner Summit EVER to date (Average: over 220" have fallen to date, 89" on the ground.  This year: 69" fallen, 12" on ground).
The kids on top of Sugar Bowl during a recent ski (and school) day

Eli's has purchased his new BB gun (with his own money), but it will not be available for use for a while.  He will use the next month(s) or so as a waiting period: opportunity to actively demonstrate that he is ready for the responsibility of possession.  I am hopeful that he will use the time to be thoughtful about his judgement and actions and that once/if he earns possession of the gun, he will rise to the occasion with a new level of maturity.

My melancholy has mostly passed and I appreciate those of you who checked in about it.


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