Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Skiing (continued)

Eli and I had an excellent ski day on Tuesday at Squaw Valley--we went "bell to bell" all over the mountain on about 8" of new snow.  It feels good to be a bit sore today.  I love skiing.  The things that make it less desirable--the packing and unpacking, herding the kids, the expense, the long travel times--are significantly minimized this year.  Costs are way down with the early-season purchase of passes, the kids are able to take care of themselves for the most part, and using the Stewyurt as home base really simplifies the travel and packing.  Those of you who like to ski, winter is finally arriving (albeit in fits and spurts).  They are calling for some more snow this week.  Come join the fun! 

I'm so inspired that I was able to negotiate a compromise in the final hour for our ski team logo (image below).  Shirts will be on their way for ski team members and fans.  If you want one, let me know ASAP.


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