Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lilly continues

Chapter 5 (2/13/12)
Caroline knew she would not let her mother get her. Caroline would be forced to get away from this woman. So, she snarfed down her hardy breakfast, put Lilly in her backpack, and stepped outside. It was a gloomy looking day. Grey clouds filled the sky and a light mist was falling. Then Lilly began baaaaing. She did not like the rain, that was for sure.

Chapter 6 (2/16/12)

Caroline got to work immediately. She found that there were ample palm leaves. So she gathered six wide palm leaves. Next, she got out the roll of string. She then started poking holes in the leaves. Then, she took Lilly out of the bag. In 5 minutes, she had a rain coat for Lilly.

They walked on.

To be continued...


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