Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Making Balm

Today Mama, Grace, and I made balm (salve).  We decided to make it when the boys were out because they didn't seem interested.  The reason we wated to make our own was because we are traveling to high altitude and it gets mighty dry up there.  Also, it feels good on your face to be greasy.  And the essential oils in there have healing powers.

I will start by telling you about essential oils.  First of all, I will tell you how you get the oils out of the plants/fruits.  There is expressing (pressing them out).  There is distilling (warm in water, oil turns into gas and is cooled to oil).  I won't tell you everything but to make a long story short: etc.

Now I'll give away our "secret" (not really) recipie.

1 spoon of Stewbee honey
orange peels
lemon peels
2 cups olive oil/soybean oil
2 squirts lanolin
chunk coco butter
lemon balm
6 t. Stewbee's wax
9 drops essential oil

The balm turned out great and come visit the yurt and you can try it.
By author,
Sophia S.
[with spelling edits by Papa]

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