Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Vacation

As soon as "school" was out for our winter vacation, the family packed our bags and left for Utah. Utah is 10 hours away from Auburn, so I packed smart for a long car ride. Reading, knitting, and sleeping materials were piled into my bag along with all sorts of presents and varied pieces of clothing. After 10 hours of knitting, reading, and sleeping, we sleepily staggered into the familiar Utah house.

The following morning was fun. Everyone was bright and cheery (not so much for Mike though, his back hurt). The following 5 days passed by just as that day had. I finished knitting a doll and started a sweater. And before you could say “yum”, it was Christmas Eve. Yummy foods were cooked and in a few hours dinner was all ready. It was delicious and before I knew it, it was time for bed. The next morning I woke up ecstatic. It was Christmas! Presents were very thoughtful and I think everyone enjoyed their gifts. 
 Sophia with one of her knitting creations--a koala doll with attire

Grace with her knitted and clothed doll (it became one of the "thoughtful" Christmas presents)

The next day we left for another get-together with our dad’s parents and Uncle Ben. I enjoyed our time a with them. The ice skating was great, swimming was wonderful, and sledding was fun. I didn’t go skiing but everybody else says it was good.


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  1. Though it was a long drive, I'm so glad you had time to work on all that amazing knitting. (It was also pretty awesome to get to spend time with the grandparents, aunt, and uncles!)