Saturday, January 28, 2012


A few days ago we went to Tahoe.  We went to the "Hyatt" (Mamo and Baba are owners there).  We had a great time there.  There was felting, a movie (Forrest Gump), good books, etc.

But my favorite thing to do there was skiing.  On our first day we drove up halfway to Sugar Bowl.  Grace, Eli, Papa, and I skied for about 4 or 3 hours and then drove the rest of the way to Tahoe.  The following day Grace was exhausted from skiing, so Papa, Eli, Mamo, Baba, and I went skiing at Squaw Valley.  Papa and I had a blast!  Eli, Mamo, and Baba got lost.  Papa challenged me a lot.  I skied down Siberia Express!  The hard way.  We also went on the tram and the gondola.  
 At the top of the hill.

On the tram.

The next day we went home.


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