Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Vacation and the Start of Semester 2

School is back in session today after a relaxing winter vacation.  During the vacation--even with very little snow and lots of driving--we greatly enjoyed visits to Utah and Tahoe with our families.  Thank you!
Christmas in Utah  

Ice skating in Tahoe

 On the road in the van (more on it later)

We were also graced by some visitors.  Isn't it time you came to visit?

Today we started the second semester with some writing (check back later in the week for some samples from the kids).  We also made meter sticks to use with the scaled timelines we will be putting up around the Stewyurt (universe, geologic, biologic, and historical).

We then took our show on the road with a trip to town: some stores, the bank, post office, and the library.  There really is quite a lot to be learned out there.  For example, with all the associated lessons in math, form completion, social interaction, and economics, what would have been a quick deposit at the bank took half an hour--and there weren't even any lines.

This first blog entry of the new year is also were I will be reporting the likely beginning of the end for our minivan.  Our mechanical advisers suggest the expense of ongoing maintenance will probably exceed a sustainable level for us. Its end (with us) may be nigh...

The van at the San Rafael soccer parade some years back

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