Thursday, January 5, 2012

Breaking Dawn

Yesterday we [Sophia and I] got to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1, which we read. But we had to do a lot of school work first: 5 pages of math, 1 lesson of history, writing, and piano. We also needed to wait 'till 1:00 to see the movie.

Breaking Dawn was really good. It was pretty much the same as the book except more depressing. It was more depressing because you could actually see the parts were Bella was sick. 
I think it was worth having to do all that work before seeing the actual movie!



  1. Will you be able to wait for part 2 to come out?

  2. Grace
    Wasn't the pizza after at Chicago Fire awesome too?
    I enjoyed our girls day together. Even with the 5 pages of math.
    I enjoy seeing you both reading so voraciously.