Saturday, January 21, 2012

More from the Kids

Bristlecone Pines
Some bristlecone pines have been alive since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs.  They are the oldest living thing.  We fist took a mile loop around the forest.  Part of the hike had limestone soil and another part was highly oxidized.  The bristlecones grow well in the limestone while other plants do not.  Because of this, the slow growing pines can live for thousands of years.  After the loop, we took another 4 mile loop and we saw the world's oldest tree, the Methuselah tree which is 4,700 years old.
Eli, 1/19/12
The author by one of the ancients.

Bristlecone Pine
Yesterday we drove up to the bristlecone pine.  They were the oldest trees on Earth.  The first thing we did when we got there was pile on all our coats and jackets: it was FREEZING.  We planned a 4 mile hike to the oldest tree on earth.  Papa, Eli, and Sophia got ahead quickly because I had to tie my shoes and Mama waited for me.  We had walked about 1/2 a mile when Mama and I had to turn back.  I had a horrible headache.  It was probably because we were just a little bit ago way under sea level and now were nearly 11,000 feet above sea level.
Grace 1/19/12
Bristlecones' longevity is due to their ability to grow slowly where other plants can't.

Sequoia National Park
Today, the family drove up to the Sequoia National Park.  It was very enjoyable. We started out our day by listening to my Sequoia report and visiting the visitor's center.  Then we drove about 45 minutes to the Giant Sequoia forest.  We hiked to the biggest tree in the world: weighing 2.7 million pounds, as tall as 311 feet, lives up to 3,200 years.  When we decided we wanted to explre some different places, we walked to a frozen/snowy meadow.  It was crazy how much something like that can change in the seasons.  Later we drove to a high rock and went to the top.  From there we had an amazing view.  Finally it was time to get on the road again, but I will always remember my trip to Sequoia National Park.
Sophia, 1/20/12
From the high rock in the park (Moro Rock vista).

Amongst the giants.

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