Monday, January 9, 2012

The StewZ Loop

The past couple of weeks I have been clearing fallen trees and debris and marking trail on a short loop trail around our property.  I am excited to announce that it is fully operational--see the yellow lines below.

Special thanks to Mark, Lou and others on the naming front: we came up with the "StewZ Loop".  It evokes the "Stewyurt" and describes the zig-zag nature of the loop (Lou points out it sound a bit like the "Darcy and LouP", which I suppose is nice as well).  At any rate, we're using it as a running loop and a great way to get out on the property (Rosie loves it!).  With both "fingers", it is 2.5 miles.  I'm hoping to put in a bridge over the creek at some point to facilitate mountain bike riding.  With some extra laps around the loops, it could be a fun little close-to-home bike ride.

The StewZ Loop Trail Map


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