Thursday, September 1, 2011

a run, wild grapes, and a goat house

Today I ran. And swam. Not far, but it feels right to have started again.

The local racquet club will let us try them out (free) for the month, so the girls and I will lounge poolside tomorrow with a picnic lunch. Joe and Eli will be in San Rafael for a couple days, so it's just us girls. Feeling kind of excited about that. The library, sewing projects, a matinee... dinner out.

Grace is a gazelle and bounds uphill in crocs. We're exploring the idea of training for a half marathon together.

Running our own neighborhood circuit, we grew interested in collecting seed spikes from the wildflower/ herb mullein, and blackberries, and cat tails in their various stages of maturity, and wild grapes. We thought we'd collect a bucket of acorns, and process them into mash like the Maidu indians. I remember making acorn pancakes with my friend Caroline when we were 12. We'd read My side of the Mountain, and might have tamed a hawk fledgling to hunt for us, and sewn a buckskin suit with a bone needle too, but the acorns were easier to find. I think we missed the step of leaching out the tannins, because the pancakes were inedible. Ours will be better.

Joe built a goat house today, with all the best features, for free! Materials were reclaimed from the old chicken coop and garage. It has a lovely view of the pasture through it's own window, a tall sleeping bench/shelf, and a roof overhang that creates an outdoor rain shelter and milking area. I'm delighted. Babies are coming soon, so we needed that. And it means their old metal sleeping shed is available for our gardening gear.

I've been trying to root some rose and hydrangea cuttings. Today I noticed roots on the hydrangea leaves I left soaking in a tea cup of water. Those dipped in rooting hormone, in soil, look dead, though I continue to water and wish over them. I'm interested in seed saving and asexual propagation. "New" store bought plants are pricey, yes?

Life is sweet today also.
Thanks for checking in.


  1. Your posts bring a tear to my eye. Thanks for appreciating the goat shed. I suggest painting it red and having the girls paint a mural on it.

  2. On Selected Shorts recently, I listened to the story Wild Plums. Thankfully your children won't have to sneak the pleasure of dusting off a warm wild plum and enjoying the bitter sweetness of it.