Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Its a lot of work not working

Ok, no one wants to hear it from me, but it is a lot of work not working.  Chauffeuring, cooking, cleaning up, building, gardening, teaching, cajoling, organizing, paying bills, scheduling appointments, planning events, counseling, managing animals, blogging.  Don't get me wrong, it is a lot of fun, but it is busy.

I hope the kids will be back online to share some thoughts and activities soon.  Yesterday we set up a farm stand along the road with flowers, cucumbers, and squashes from mostly Grace's garden.  Grace made a dollar.  Juliana set up a bucket pond in the garden with critters caught by the kids in the creek.  The girls built some miniature items for their dollhouse, we had soccer photo day, we did math, read, the kids practiced their instruments, Eli and I threw the disc to help get me ready for an ultimate tournament this weekend, we watched "Airplane" (a significant step in quality below "Eyes on the Prize").  We'll put some new pictures up soon, but our regular computer has been down for about three weeks and we still aren't able to.

I've been told my posts are a bit lengthy, so I'll stop.  Plus, I got to get back to not working!

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