Tuesday, September 6, 2011

likes and hopes

Some highlights of this year are: getting chicks on Saturday, going to a music concert, and meeting new people. This Saturday we were looking on the computer when we saw an ad on craigslist for some chicks that were about 3 months old. We called the guy and he warned us that lots of their feathers were plucked out. We wanted them, so we told him we'd take a look. When we got there, he brought us over to them. We got an Americauna, a Barnvelder and a Light Sussex. Then on Saturday, we went to a Taylor Swift concert. Ben, our uncle, bought us 3 tickets for our birthday. At the concert, there were fireworks inside and glittery snow sparkles fell onto the stage when she sang "Back to December."

To do well in school, to take better care of our animals, and to treat Grace better.

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