Thursday, September 29, 2011

Donner Lake

Two days ago Papa, Sophie, Eli, and I went to Donner Lake with Grass Valley Charter [Mama didn't come because she wanted to stay with the animals]. I learned a couple interesting facts but some I already knew. I will tell you what some of the interesting facts I knew and didn't know. I think that the most interesting fact is the snow the Donner Party had to deal with was 20 feet deep. They know that because when they where building shelter they could only cut off the tops of trees! The second most interesting fact was that when people died the rest of the Donner party ATE THEM!

Now I will tell you the story of the Donner Party. Many people wanted to move to California including the Donner Party. The Donner Party was a train of wagons who wanted free land, nice weather, good farming, to get away from sickness, and maybe even to do something new. If you would like to hear more, call me.


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  1. I would not like to be in a situation where I had to consider eating someone. Who was your favorite member of the Donner Party? (I don't mean favorite for eating).