Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Travel Journals

From a day in San Francisco to New York, Providence, and Boston, here are the kids' perspectives on our East Coast adventure [with editorial notes in brackets and photo captions in italics]:

The Academy of Sciences, May 21, 2012, by Grace [still in San Francisco]
Today we went to the California Academy of Sciences.  We learned a lot.

First, we learned about the possibility of life on other planets.  The sun is a star, there are a lot more stars, too.  Most of these stats have planets orbiting around them.  Some of these planets have a possibility of life.  Next we learned about animals.  Some amphibians can fly (or jump).  There is an animal called a dikdik that looks exactly like Nene (our goat).

As you can see, we learned a lot today.

May 22, 2012, by Eli
Right now I'm on the plane to Chicago where we will switch to the plane that will take us to NY.  In NY we will see our uncle whom I hope will take us to Madagascar 3.  While we are there I want to go to the top of the Empire State building.  I also want to see some museums and the Statue of Liberty.  Our grandparents are also there and are taking us to the 9/11 Memorial.

May 23, 2012, by Grace
Today we woke up at 5:00 our time to have breakfast with Papa's friends.  Next we went to The Rockefeller Center.  The Rockefeller Center is where you can go to the very top of that building (it is really high).  Also, a lot of shows are filmed there.

Second we went to the MoMA.  At the MoMA we saw "Starry Night".  My favorite painting was one by van Gogh.  It was called "The Olive Tree".
Grace and Sophia in front of a Monet

After the MoMA, we took a short walk in Central Park.  On the way we saw a really cute raccoon.  I named him or her Rascal.

Finally, we went to the NY Yankees.  Ben came.  We also got Cracker Jacks.

A Fun Day, May 24, 2012, by Sophia
Today we started our morning slow.  We woke up late, leisurely ate breakfast at a panini place, and when it started to rain, we went to the 9/11 Memorial.  We came to 2 pools each with a marble wall with names of people who died trying to save some 9/11 victims [and the victim's names as well].  The pools were the spots where the World Trade Centers were.

Soon it started to rain harder so we headed to The Museum of Natural History.  At the museum, we mostly looked at fossilized mammals, reptiles, and dinosaurs.  We learned about cladograms (the "tree" connecting everything).

We also went to the Tenement Museum.  A tenement is an old fashioned apartment for immigrants.  The one we saw had room for 20 families and was low class.  We only visited 2 rooms.  The guide told us the story of each room/family.  In the first room lived  a family with a mother with 3 children whose husband ran away in the great depression [actually in the 1860's].  The 2nd room had a family who loved the governor, F.D. Roosevelt.

Boston, 5/29/2012, by Eli
Yesterday we were in Boston.  We took a tour and went to Fenway Park.  The tour was guided by the father of my dad's friend from college.  We took a walk down the Freedom Trail and he pointed out things like the grave of John Hancock.  Then he taught us about the history of Boston: how half the city was water that they filled in, the history of different buildings, and historic events.  On the tour we were told how bricks were laid and about a sounding board in an old church that projected sound without electricity.
This is the pew where George Washington sat.

At about 5, we went to Fenway where we watched the Red Sox play the Tigers.  The Red Sox won.

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