Friday, May 4, 2012

Things you might not know about chickens

Okay, let's just get one thing straight: chickens aren't vegetarians.  I will tell you a story about me discovering this.  One warm summer day, I heard some complaining sounds coming from the chicken coop.  So, I ran up to the chicken coop to see what all the commotion was.  I saw Arrow (one of our chickens) running around with something big in her beak.  Of course, all the other chickens were trying to get it from her.  Then I realized, the thing in her beak was a tiny, grey field mouse.  I started chasing her to see if I could rescue that poor mouse.  Sadly though, she ran into the chicken coop.  She had run through the chicken door. I could not get in that way.  So I called Sophia she caught Arrow.  But by that time, Arrow had just swallowed the last tiny hand.
Arrow on the right.

Another thing you should know about chickens is they brawl.  One day I heard hissing and angry sounds coming from the nest boxes.  I rushed to the chicken coop.  Arrow was sitting on the fake egg and Pepper (another one of our chickens) was sitting on top of her hissing!  I lifted Arrow a little. Luckily, she had the fake egg and another egg.  So I took the fake egg and placed it in the neighboring nest box. Finally, I lifted the hissing Pepper in the the other next box.

Chickens are sweet, too. Once, we had these two chickens, one was a small chicken and one was a big chicken. The small one had raised the big one. So, naturally, they had a mother-daugher relationship. One day, the small chicken saw a bug. Then, she called her daughter over to eat it.
Daughter Miel (RIP)



  1. These are great observations. Mamo told me they made her laugh out loud. Thanks Grace!

  2. So why do you have fake eggs in the coop? And how often do chickens lie eggs?

  3. Claudia, we have fake eggs because they trick the chickens into thinking that another chicken has laid a egg there. So, they think it is safe. We have 9 chickens and some are too old too lay, we get 6 or 7 eggs a day.