Thursday, May 3, 2012

Collecting a Swarm

Yesterday, our family went out to Salvation Army to get a swarm of bees.  A woman had called us to inform us about the bees.

The swarm was very small. This swarm was about 6 ft up the tree.  Luckily we had come prepared with a bucket to stand on.  Papa decided to collect this swarm (we only had one bee suit).

First, Papa got on his bee suit.  Next, he wrapped a sheet around the base of the tree to catch bees that might fall off.  Then, he cut of a few stick/branches in the way. He scraped the clump of bees off the tree into a box with a couple of kitchen utensils.  Some bees were sill hanging around so we went to dinner while we were waiting.

When we came back, most of the bees were in the box.  Finally, he wrapped a sheet around the box of bees and carefully placed them in the car.


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