Tuesday, May 29, 2012

East Coast Wanderings

We jet over western Mass with the fresh memories of a week of exploring and connecting.

We experienced the bright lights of New York City where we visited with my brother and were tourists.  So much of who we are as a culture goes through there and it was fun to see it live and share it first-hand with the kids: Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Pollack and Picasso and Ruseau at the MoMA, Yankee Stadium, the 9/11 Memorial, the story of the tenements.

Next, in Providence, we walked the lanes of memory at the alma matter, with the children visited the places of family lore: where Juliana and I met, our favorite study spots, where we went once to find the mail that connected us with home. Old friends of distant past returned hardly changed and full of familiarity despite the separation of 20 years, a connection and warmth still there.
 The girls at the mascot's statue, Juliana at her old house, and me at my old house (now partially a Ben and Jerry's).

Late at night when we usually would have long been to bed, we laughed until there were tears about topics best not repeated here. We compared life stories about things that matter and shared our perspectives from the valuable vantage point of distance, past knowing, and deep connection. These friends with whom we spent four close transformative years continue to hold a special and meaningful place in our lives. I believe they always will and I am thankful for that.

In Boston, we toured the sites of our American history with a fabulous guide then took the T to the heart of New England where we enjoyed a comfortable Red Sox victory.

Speeding home now, the last few days of homeschool await along with our final family adventure before we return to life in a rectangular home.  To do: backpack in the Sierras, send Eli to summer camp, start our transition back to San Rafael.


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