Saturday, June 16, 2012

I bit him hard

Today I bit my friend's dog.

I'm still upset about it, though neither my friend, nor his dog, nor I, were really to blame.
We were desperate to get him free of our favorite goat, Bambi.  The dog had broken through our fence.  He was determined, and had a good hold.  The girls were screaming.  The goat was screaming.  I might have been screaming too.  I could not separate his jaws, though I had upper and lower in each hand and was using all my strength.  I had no free hands to do anything else.  So I leaned in, and bit him hard on the top of the head.  And he loosened a little, with a popping noise.

The upset is something the girls and I have been feeling in our bodies-- a shaky sort of adrenaline upset that takes a while to dissipate.  Like too much caffeine.

Our goat is okay, I think.
He went into his playhouse and didn't come out again.
He has a puncture wound, only one.
A very generous local vet advised us by phone.

We shaved the area.  We flushed inside the wound with a dilute betadine solution.  We boostered for tetanus.  Gracie gave her first subcutaneous injection-- penicillin.  We applied antibiotic ointment, and bandaged, so flies can't get in.  We gave him ibuprofen for his pain and yogurt to augment his gut bacteria.  He was brave and gentle.  We felt a little better for having done what we could for him.

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